Welcome to The Traveling Pencil!

Thanks for dropping by and checking out this website. It is currently being developed by a single person so it is still a work in progress. You will find that many of the pages are not yet finished but there is some valuable information to be found.

Check out the Events listings – it is meant to save time by providing a handful of websites, resources and/or additional information about events that are likely being mentioned or investigated further in a classroom.

Head over to the links sections of both the elementary and secondary grades. While not all the school subjects have been finished yet, there are some excellent website links for many areas in literacy and numeracy. Science has been partially completed at this time.

The TPT store webpage will lead to the TPT website with materials that have already been developed in a variety of subjects.

As mentioned previously, this is a one-person job at the moment and it is being developed on a part-time basis as the developer needs to keep the full-time job to pay the bills for now. Take a gander. The resources that have been researched and posted already will prove to help save time in looking for everyday resources for the classroom.

Please feel free to come again as the website continues to be developed!

The Traveling Pencil