The Traveling Pencil


The Traveling Pencil is meant to be an independent voice for educators and parents who are looking for education and learning information available across the globe.

Our mission is can be summed up in three words:


Use our website to find what you are looking for in a quick and timely fashion. We have done the work for you by trying to breakdown information and resources into categories and sub-categories. Instead of spending hours searching by Google, cut the time by looking here first.


Information has been summarized as much as possible so that you can quickly gather the information or know if a link will work for the lesson you are planning.


All the resources and information available on this website has been researched, investigated, categorized and, in some cases, recommended with the intention of being effectively used in the classroom (or to assist parents working with their children at home). Within minutes of finding the intended products, educators and parents should be able to apply the material to their classroom or after school sessions.

Whether it is from home or at an education institution, trying to track down the necessary information takes time. Something that few of us have in our busy lives.


Our aim is to spare you the inevitable time and frustration when looking for ideas and activities while, simultaneously, providing helpful tips and tools to broaden the spectrum of learning in the classroom and at home.